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Forms in PowerPoint by @VictoriaTheTech

My mind was absolutely blown when I learned that PowerPoint has a feature to incorporate Microsoft Forms directly into the presentation, meaning that I can collect feedback directly in the PowerPoint!

Kerning in Microsoft Word by @VictoriaTheTech

Kerning is a simple way to add some design and flair to your documents in Microsoft Word. Beyond simple aesthetics, it’s a neat way to keep accessibility and legibility in check while you write, annotate, and create.

Designer in PowerPoint: The Graphic Design Life Saver

Not a Graphic Designer? No Problem! I openly tell people that I work with that I am not a graphic designer. I am a techie person but graphic design and making things look pretty is not one of my strengths. This is an issue because I would still like to make beautiful slide decks for participants in professional developments that… Read More »Designer in PowerPoint: The Graphic Design Life Saver

Microsoft Teams: New Conversation

One of my favorite things about Microsoft Teams is the Posts tab on the General channel (or in any channel!) Teams creates conversations that allow for Teams to be more than a place to dump assignments. Use the “New conversation” button to start a new conversation. Reply or New Conversation The “New conversation” button is cleverly added to the bottom… Read More »Microsoft Teams: New Conversation

Pivot Tables to Summarize Data

Pump It Up with Pivot Tables

A pivot table is an essential tool for teachers. Pivot tables SUMMARIZE. Given that we have 30-150 students each doing multiple things we have lots of need for pivot tables. Join cue.org/microsoft May 27th at 7pm PST for my webinar on Pivot Tables in Excel Online Questions You Can Answer with a Pivot Table How many students went to the… Read More »Pump It Up with Pivot Tables

OneNote Best Practices

OneNote Best Practices for Educators and Students with @mtholfsen

“OneNote best practices for educators and students”  Guest blog post by Mike Tholfsen Last week I did a webinar with Troy Waller from Australia all about OneNote EDU best practices and “good hygiene” for educators and students.  In addition to the best practices, there are lots of other useful nuggets about current updates, and what is coming in the near future for OneNote in… Read More »OneNote Best Practices for Educators and Students with @mtholfsen

Embed Video into Microsoft Forms

Embed Video in Microsoft Forms

When using a Microsoft Form you can add a YouTube video or Microsoft Stream video to a question. This allows you to ask the responder to view the video and answer a question about the video. Microsoft Stream is a secure place to upload your school district videos. You can upload videos to Microsoft Stream just like you would to… Read More »Embed Video in Microsoft Forms