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Office 365: Follow Documents

  Users of Office 365 will want to favorite or follow documents that are a top priority. This will allow teachers to better collaborate on documents. After logging into Office 365, choose OneDrive along the top. This will take you to your document list. Notice on the left hand side the option for “Followed Documents.” Followed documents are your documents or… Read More »Office 365: Follow Documents

Office 365: Use Excel Survey to Gather Information

Forms I have heard some users of Microsoft 365 that they wish there was a way to have something like Google Forms to collect formative assessment or survey data from students and parents. Office 365 provides this functionality. Excel Survey In OneDrive, click on “New.” The last document option is “Excel survey.” Create Survey Name the file and you will… Read More »Office 365: Use Excel Survey to Gather Information

Logging Into Microsoft 365

  If you are not familiar with Microsoft 365, it is a version of Microsoft Office. The advantage to using this particular Office product is the cloud capabilities. You are able to edit your Word, PowerPoint, OneNote or Excel files on multiple devices. You are also able to collaborate in real time on the files. Log In If your district… Read More »Logging Into Microsoft 365