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4 things to check out microsoftedu

4 Things to Know About #MicrosoftEDU

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What is Microsoft Doing in Education? What does Microsoft offer for education? Lots! Here are a few things to know. 1) Microsoft Teams Teams is often referred to as a Slack alternative for businesses. What gets overlooked is that EDU accounts have an assignments portion. Go to office.com and click on Teams. You can also get there directly at teams.microsoft.com.… Read More »4 Things to Know About #MicrosoftEDU

Feedback in Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams Feedback Box

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Expand the Feedback Box I had completely forgotten I had chatted with the Microsoft Teams team awhile time back. Recently, I made a blog post on 5 things I Like About Microsoft Teams. One of the things I mentioned was how easy it was to give feedback from the roster in an assignment. Turns out this was my idea 🙂… Read More »Microsoft Teams Feedback Box