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Pivot Tables to Summarize Data

Pump It Up with Pivot Tables

A pivot table is an essential tool for teachers. Pivot tables SUMMARIZE. Given that we have 30-150 students each doing multiple things we have lots of need for pivot tables. Join cue.org/microsoft May 27th at 7pm PST for my webinar on Pivot Tables in Excel Online Questions You Can Answer with a Pivot Table How many students went to the… Read More »Pump It Up with Pivot Tables

A Call to Math Teachers: Use Spreadsheets

As more classrooms move towards 1:1 it is now feasible for students to be regularly creating spreadsheets. Almost any managerial position requires spreadsheet knowledge. When students ask “When are we going to use this?” The answer could very well be a spreadsheet. Writing formulas in a spreadsheet such as Google Sheets or Excel gives students an opportunity to practice their… Read More »A Call to Math Teachers: Use Spreadsheets

Collaborating on Agenda Template

In putting together an agenda with a group of people using Google Sheets or Excel in Office 365 can be very helpful. Online spreadsheets allows for collaborators to put an agenda together with input from multiple parties without relying on the ideas of one person. The spreadsheet can not only allow you to outline the agenda but automatically figure out start… Read More »Collaborating on Agenda Template