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use real pumpkins

Use Real Pumpkins in Your Lesson

Use Pumpkins Not Clipart Holiday worksheets do not make learning more fun. It’s marginally better than just a page of those math problems without the pumpkins, but why not give students more authentic learning opportunities? Instead of clip art pumpkins let’s have kids use real pumpkins! Dave Burgess says creativity is not an inherent trait, it is something you practice.… Read More »Use Real Pumpkins in Your Lesson

Table Talk Math Placemats

Bring Deeper Conversations to the Table

Bring Deeper Conversations to the Table Guest Blog Post by John Stevens Table Talk Math Placements will be donating all proceeds to benefit the relief efforts in Puerto Rico. The placemats are erasable and reusable. How are you using the Table Talk Math Placemats that just got released? I’d love to hear from you! Pictures and messages have been coming in all… Read More »Bring Deeper Conversations to the Table

robert kaplinsky online math workshop

Empowered Problem Solving with @robertkaplinsky

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Online Workshop for Math Educators Guest Blog post by Robert Kaplinsky I’ve got some exciting news to share with you! I’ve created an online workshop called Empowered Problem Solving for math educators who want their students to be better problem solvers. If you’ve seen my real world problem-based lessons or explored my Depth of Knowledge matrices but wanted more support… Read More »Empowered Problem Solving with @robertkaplinsky

youcubed and google apps

Alice Keeler and @JoBoaler #ISTE17 Talk: Google Apps with youcubed.org Math Activities

My favorite book of all time is Mathematical Mindsets by Jo Boaler. Truly a life changing experience for me to read it. While the title says Math, it is really a book about teaching. Every educator should read it. To say the least, I am a huge fan of Jo Boaler. A huge honor for me was being able to… Read More »Alice Keeler and @JoBoaler #ISTE17 Talk: Google Apps with youcubed.org Math Activities

diana herrington rigor math

Adding Rigor to Math by @mathdiana

Where is the Rigor in Math? Guest Blog Post by Diana Herrington Sadly, Diana Herrington, my co-author on the book “Teaching Math with Google Apps” passed away May 17th, 2017. Please consider honoring her memory by contributing to her endowment to make a scholarship available to students going into STEM fields at California State University Fresno. https://www.gofundme.com/dianaherrington Struggling with that term… Read More »Adding Rigor to Math by @mathdiana

Yohaku Puzzle

Yohaku Puzzle – Of Course Google Sheets

In the tradition of “the answer is always a spreadsheet” I converted a Yohaku puzzle I saw on Twitter into a Google Sheets spreadsheet. Bonus for being a spreadsheet it generates unlimited puzzles, so students are not all doing the same thing. Conditional formatting automatically checks the student’s work so they get immediate feedback. Template alicekeeler.com/yohaku Yohaku Puzzle – Addition… Read More »Yohaku Puzzle – Of Course Google Sheets