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Math Hashtags

Math Twitter Hashtags

Follow These Hashtags on Twitter How do you keep up? You can’t. There is no way we can know everything about teaching, about learning, and about mathematics. This is the beauty of Twitter. It is bite sized, 280 character or less, of learning. Follow a Hashtag A hashtag is a topic. When you tweet something it goes to the stream… Read More »Math Twitter Hashtags

Desmos – For Math Teachers

Desmos Changes How We Teach Math desmos.com Desmos is so much more than an online graphing calculator. Check out teacher.desmos.com for building interactive math lessons. Desmos allows us to move from doing math to exploring math. Try out this slope of the line activity to “Land the plane” from desmos.com Built in Discussion Classroom discussion is highly rated for learning.… Read More »Desmos – For Math Teachers

Slideshot Desmos

SlideShot Math with Desmos

Use the SlideShot Chrome Extension with Desmos Desmos is so much more than an online graphing calculator. Demos helps shift the math classroom from students doing math to exploring math. “Math is about pattern finding.” – Youcubed One of the shifts in teaching mathematics is away from “Show your work” to “Show your thinking.” Exploring math, finding patterns, and discovering… Read More »SlideShot Math with Desmos

latex in google slides

A Reason to Be Nerdy Today: Adjusting LaTex in EquatIO

Adjust the Font Size in EquatIO EquatIO is a Chrome extension that works in G Suite (and Office 365). This allows you to insert math symbols IN A MAGICAL WAY into Google Slides, Docs, Sheets, and Forms. A little tip for anyone that uses EquatIO for GSlides: instead of inserting an equation and then making the equation larger, which makes… Read More »A Reason to Be Nerdy Today: Adjusting LaTex in EquatIO

Digital Playground

Polyup – A Thinking Playground

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A Virtual Mathematical Playground Guest Post by Shaya Zarkesh Polyup is a computational thinking playground. Students from elementary through high school can play with puzzles involving numbers and functions. In a drag-and-drop, expression-building environment, students will create expressions that evaluate to a target value or values. Polyup has recently integrated with Google Classroom. Teachers can more easily assign Polyup’s games,… Read More »Polyup – A Thinking Playground

consumer math for the 21st Century

Consumer Math for the 21st Century

What Should be Consumer Math? Recently I was looking up consumer math online. Specifically, I was looking for a curriculum that utilized spreadsheets. Not that I exhausted all of the options, but many of the ones I looked at were horribly outdated. So what should be included in a consumer math program for the 21st century? Website I started a… Read More »Consumer Math for the 21st Century

Halloween Math

Four Activities to Celebrate Halloween in your Math Class by @jmacattak

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Celebrate Halloween with Fun Math Activities – All Treats, No Tricks A Guest Post by John McGowan, Product Manager, Texthelp At Texthelp, we love Halloween. After all, it gives you the opportunity to take things that are normally scary (spiders, ghosts, clowns) and turn them into something fun. Who doesn’t love a good costume party?! For a lot of students,… Read More »Four Activities to Celebrate Halloween in your Math Class by @jmacattak

what is going on in this graph analyze graphs new york times

What Is Going On In This Graph from the NY Times

Have Students Analyze A Graph The New York Times is putting out an amazing resource for teachers. Every week they are posting a graphic and asking students to determine what information the graph is providing. What an excellent way to have students use real data, to analyze over memorize, and engage in class discussion. Link to What’s Going On in… Read More »What Is Going On In This Graph from the NY Times

mathematical freedom

Great Ways to Start the Math Year with @joboaler

Great ways to start the school year: 1. Our WiM tasks. https://t.co/v7KJeLHTcl 2. Free student online class that sig increases maths achievement: https://t.co/D7Fznh3Rtt 3. 4 boosting messages video: https://t.co/HJ0SYN4pTh 4. Our new, free algebra lessons:https://t.co/KJV6f1oVLc pic.twitter.com/tWet1owNP4 — Jo Boaler (@joboaler) September 5, 2018 Or as Jo Boaler would say… Maths A tweet from Stanford Math professor Jo Boaler Great ways… Read More »Great Ways to Start the Math Year with @joboaler

embarc online eureka math

Eureka Math Users – CHECK THIS OUT!

Preparing to use #eurekamath? We created https://t.co/rR4VY3alNc for teachers like you. Spread the word. Videos for every lesson. ✔️ Homework solutions. ✔️ Topic quizzes. ✔️@goformative exit tickets. ✔️ Google Slides for lessons. ✔️ pic.twitter.com/bEPiCzsGRh — duane habecker (@dhabecker) July 31, 2018 Resources for Eureka Math I am NOT endorsing Eureka math. However, I know many of you are using Eureka… Read More »Eureka Math Users – CHECK THIS OUT!