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FREE Math Puzzles for K-12

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In this guest post by Alice Aspinall, she shares number puzzles she made for her own children. Alice Keeler made a Math Puzzle spreadsheet we all can use for students K-12!

Free Illustrative Math in GeoGebra

GeoGebra is 100% FREE Use Illustrative Math Curriculum Illustrative Mathematics is a free, creative commons OER math curriculum that takes a more modern approach to how we teach mathematics. GeoGebra has taken the Illustrative Mathematics curriculum and kicked it up a notch….FOR FREE. Preview High School Curriculum This free curriculum is available in GeoGebra for grades 6 – 8 and… Read More »Free Illustrative Math in GeoGebra

Voice Type Your Math

EquatIO works with Google Docs, Sheets, Forms, Slides, Jamboard, and more to add math to these products. It is FREE for teachers. You will need to install the Chrome extension and fill out the form to make your free trial into a free premium subscription. You can VERBALLY type your math! Voice Typing There are so many amazing features of… Read More »Voice Type Your Math

FREE DIGITAL MATH CURRICULUM: Illustrative Math in GeoGebra

Illustrative Math is FREE Open Source CURRICULUM. This is not just some supplemental resources, but rather something you can fully adopt for your classroom. GeoGebra is also completely free. GeoGebra allows for interactive exploration of math concepts. High School & Elementary Curriculum Coming out this summer (2021) will be the math curriculum for high school Algebra, Geometry, and Algebra 2.… Read More »FREE DIGITAL MATH CURRICULUM: Illustrative Math in GeoGebra

Teach Math for Deep Understanding By Sunil Singh

“We fumble teaching kids mathematics right from the start. We continue the historical trepidation of negative numbers in school. Teach math for deep meaning and understanding vs. temporary correctness for some benign test.” – Sunil Singh Try Zero Sums No more memorizing “negative and negative give positive”. The power/flexibility of zero pairs AND the understanding that (identical number) subtract (identical… Read More »Teach Math for Deep Understanding By Sunil Singh

MATH: Saving GeoGebra Files

I have really been getting into GeoGebra for teaching math. Geometry Puzzles I created several puzzles in GeoGebra for my students to show the properties of parallelograms. Notice the GeoGebra file link in the speaker notes. I wanted all the puzzles together in one place so I used Google Slides. I was assigning only one puzzle per group to do… Read More »MATH: Saving GeoGebra Files

Duplicate Objects in GeoGebra

GeoGebra is an excellent way to let students explore math concepts. GeoGebra is great for grades K – college. When creating elements in a GeoGebra applet you will need to be able to duplicate objects. Tim Brzezinzski, the GeoGebra expert, helps me, Victoria Thompson, and Chris Brownell explore duplicating (and other things) in GeoGebra. Sign Into GeoGebra I sign into… Read More »Duplicate Objects in GeoGebra

Teach Math Remotely with GeoGebra

Guest Blog post by Tim Brzezinski Recently, many districts have announced plans that require teachers to facilitate some level of remote instruction. If this is the case for you, you don’t need to stress! Your virtual math class can be fully engaging, student-centered, and discovery-based with using GeoGebra. Even better: You don’t need tech-expertise to do this. With GeoGebra, you… Read More »Teach Math Remotely with GeoGebra