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Using Flickr for Creative Commons Images in a Presentation

In putting together a keynote presentation, I try to be mindful of copyright when choosing my images. Flickr Images are Not Free Most images on Flickr, and on the internet, are under copyright. Creative Commons is a license that content owners can place on their works that gives people permission to utilize the content… with attribution. In other words, give credit!… Read More »Using Flickr for Creative Commons Images in a Presentation

Scrolling Text in Your Presentation

Today at the OC CUE TechFest event the keynote speaker Catlin Tucker included video screencasts in her slide deck. This was particularly clever as it allows her to demonstrate navigating a website without being held hostage to the internet availability or speed. It also allows her to demonstrate a skill without her being stuck behind the podium. Step 1 Go to… Read More »Scrolling Text in Your Presentation

Changing the Background on a Keynote Slide

When creating a presentation using Keynote for your students you may want to deviate from the background slide color. Generally I start with a white background for my presentations, however sometimes a black background looks really nice. Open up the inspector. The 2nd icon is the slide inspector. By default you will be looking at slide transitions, click instead on… Read More »Changing the Background on a Keynote Slide

Make a Basic Keynote Animation

You will need a Mac computer to do this tutorial. You can do keynote on an iPad also.  You will need to download Keynote if you do not already have it.  This is available for download in the App Store on your Mac.  Command Spacebar on your Mac. Type in keynote (or the first few letters) Open up Keynote Choose… Read More »Make a Basic Keynote Animation

Creating Animation with Apple Keynote

Interested in flipped classroom? One element that is possibly key to flipping instruction is creating videos to give students the basic instructions to free up class time to do higher level thinking. Start by looking into your webcam and making short instruction videos. Keep it simple or you’ll get burned out. Once you’re ready to kick your videos up a… Read More »Creating Animation with Apple Keynote