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Unleash the Power: A Quick Look at Google Classroom for the iPad

By Holly Clark Digital workflow has long been a problem for those trying to incorporate digital products into their classrooms. That was until Google Apps for Education came along and started making things more collaborative and turning in work in became easier with the use of shared folders.   Then in August, Google Classroom came out and teachers everywhere have… Read More »Unleash the Power: A Quick Look at Google Classroom for the iPad

iPad in Physical Education Bootcamp

I believe Physical Education is an important part of schools. Being an expert in EdTech, I will occasionally encounter a comment along the lines of “You can not use technology in PE.” I know many excellent PE teachers who are not only using technology in their classes, but are doing amazing things with it. Fellow Google Certified Teacher, Jarrod from Australia,… Read More »iPad in Physical Education Bootcamp

iPad for Algebra Teachers Resources

  This week I was working with middle school algebra teachers who all received iPads. Below is the spreadsheet of some sample apps I put together. The second tab has some resources for them to check out.  

iPad Keyboard Tips

Keyboard Tips for the iPad Split the Keyboard Split the Keyboard by placing your thumbs in the middle of the on screen keyboard and pulling your thumbs toward the edge of the iPad. You are making contact with the iPad the whole time. You can move the keyboard up and down by holding your finger in the bottom right hand… Read More »iPad Keyboard Tips

iPad Tip: Email Yourself

  My trick for getting things onto my iPad… I email it to myself. If you send yourself a Word document or PowerPoint (or other file types) you can hold your finger down on the attachment and launch it on the iPad.

Guided Access on the iPad

  My little one was playing around on the iPad this morning. He does not know to not touch the home button since it will exit him out of the application. In the classroom if we are using an iPad as a station we may want help students stay focused on the app we are asking them to use. Guided… Read More »Guided Access on the iPad

Using the Kindle App

  I have found that it is cheaper to purchase books through the Kindle bookstore rather than iBooks. I also have multiple devices including a Nexus 10 tablet and a Nexus 7 tablet. By purchasing books on Kindle I can access the books on my iPad, Nexus devices and the web. While reading on the tablet I am able to… Read More »Using the Kindle App

Apple Distinguished Educator

Here is my video for the Apple Distinguished Educator program. This will be a great opportunity for me to learn and contribute to a community of amazing educators. Fingers crossed!!!

Literature Book Covers for iPads

At the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas this year there was no shortage of cases being displayed.  Walking by the m edge booth I was excited to see iPad cases that featured classic book covers. Unfortunately I had to be in Vegas over my anniversary while my wonderful husband was at home. His favorite book is the Great Gatsby and… Read More »Literature Book Covers for iPads