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#DitchSummit: The FREE Netflix of online professional learning

Binge on FREE #DitchSummit video presentations in December A Guest Post by Matt Miller What if you had access to a sort of Netflix for really good online professional development? You know, not boring videos of stuff that you’ll never use, but practical ideas. Inspiration. Plug and play activities you can use in class tomorrow. And from speakers you KNOW… Read More »#DitchSummit: The FREE Netflix of online professional learning

Homework did not prepare my daughter for college.

Homework Did NOT Prepare My Daughter for College! by @MarciaMentor

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Homework ≠ College Prep Guest Blog Post By Marcia Carrillo @MarciaMentor “I give homework to my students to prepare them for college” is a common statement made by teachers that I work with and throughout the country.  According to Bill Gates’ Blog, (cnbc.com) 2 million American students started college in the fall and “Based on the latest college completion trends, only… Read More »Homework Did NOT Prepare My Daughter for College! by @MarciaMentor

who did the work homework

Who Did the Work?

Who Does the Homework? Today my little sister Nancy turns 40, she is 14 months younger than me. Being one grade level apart the work we were asked to do in school was relatively similar. It was not uncommon for us to trade homework. I didn’t want to write Chaucer’s tales for English and she didn’t want to do the… Read More »Who Did the Work?

Join us in ditch that homework

Ditch That Homework Peeps

Join Us In Saying Ditch That Homework Homework has a low effectiveness rating for learning. It does cause a lot of stress and family fighting. Beyond the walls of our classroom, the environments are unequal. No research supports the myth that homework teaches responsibility. Homework is not preparing our kids for college; the drop out rate is embarrassing and college… Read More »Ditch That Homework Peeps

Ditch That Homework is OUT! Make homework obsolete

Ditch That Homework is OUT! Make homework obsolete Guest Blog Post by Matt Miller Research can’t prove it’s a best practice. It causes family conflict and stress. Plus, it widens the gap between the haves and the have nots. Homework is a habit we’ve kept in education for far too long, and it’s time for us to ditch it. Instead… Read More »Ditch That Homework is OUT! Make homework obsolete

stupid homework

“I Assign Stupid Homework”

“I Assign Stupid Homework” One argument I frequently hear in response to the argument that homework is oftentimes of marginal academic benefit, busy work or stupid is “We should assign better homework.” Exactly which teacher thinks they are assigning stupid homework or busy work? I teach pre-service teachers and I will sometimes ask them “What percent of your homework was busy work?”… Read More »“I Assign Stupid Homework”

homework sucks for everyone jon corippo

Let’s be honest – homework sucks for everyone by @jcorippo

  Let’s be honest – homework sucks for everyone. Guest Post by Jon Corippo Recently, Texas Elementary School teacher Brandy Young posted a homework policy for her classroom and a very happy parent Facebooked that policy to the tune of over 74,000 likes (and counting). As an educator, I’m thrilled that people are finally getting this conversation out in the open.… Read More »Let’s be honest – homework sucks for everyone by @jcorippo

six steps to transition to digital

6 Steps to Transition to Digital

Transitioning to Digital When you’re moving to digital platforms and students having devices, what do you do first? Not Materials Online Your first move is NOT to just post all your documents online. Nor is it to make a bunch of videos of you teaching. Paradigm Shift Using digital materials should be more than going paperless. It is a mind… Read More »6 Steps to Transition to Digital

Stop Giving Homework

One of my favorite lines is “technology allows us to do things differently, so we do things differently.” Now that we have technology, how do our classrooms look different from when we were students? Start by challenging assumptions. Many things we accept as norms for school may not be because they are best for learning but instead are a response… Read More »Stop Giving Homework

Ditch the Homework

Photo Credit: 4-6 via Compfight cc In general, I am anti-homework. After teaching math for 14 years I observed that the kids who needed to do the homework didn’t and those who didn’t need it did. Instead, I stopped talking so much so the students could get the practice during class. This did require a rethinking of how I structured… Read More »Ditch the Homework