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PD Pirate Style!

How to Encourage Teachers to Implement #TLAP Strategies Guest Post: Today’s blog post is from Marcia Carrillo, a passionate educator and teacher mentor. Marcia shares some of the ways she and her colleagues modeled #TLAP strategies for their teachers to implement. You can find her on Twitter @marciamentor. I hope you enjoy this guest post with many useful ideas! Professional… Read More »PD Pirate Style!

Moving from Inquiry to Creativity

  • erin 

Helping Students Make the Leap from Inquiry to Creativity Guest Post: Dr. Nathan Lang-Raad is a speaker and author (Everyday Instructional Coaching: 7 Daily Drivers to support Teacher Effectiveness). He is the Chief Education Officer at WeVideo and is a former teacher, vice principal, professor, district curriculum and instruction director, and education supervisor at NASA. Follow him on Twitter (@drlangraad).… Read More »Moving from Inquiry to Creativity

shake up learning

Get Google Certified with @shakeuplearning

Shake Up Learning Wants to Help YOU Get Google Certified! Guest blog post by Kasey Bell Have you thought about getting Google Certified? Whether you are brand new to using Google in the classroom, or a seasoned expert, I can help you reach you Google Certification goals. Summer is the perfect time for some professional learning! Getting Google certified was… Read More »Get Google Certified with @shakeuplearning

Barton Keeler Quizizz Blog Post

Quizziz–My New Favorite Tool

Quizizz Gamified Quizzes Guest blog post by Barton Keeler “I still don’t know how to use a semicolon,”  “What’s the difference between a hyphen and a dash?”  “I have no idea what parallel structure is!” Every year it’s the same.  I have the students complete a survey in my English classes to find out what I didn’t teach or what… Read More »Quizziz–My New Favorite Tool

Don Yerks Email Assignment

Teach Students Email Skills by @dyerksjr1

Don Yerks Shares his Email Lesson Plan Guest blog post by Don Yerks @ericcurts @tonyvincent @alicekeeler Oct. is #DigitalCitizenship Month. Been working on a Ss emailing project & wanted 2 share Ss Reminders pic.twitter.com/59EHCv7Wyf — Don Yerks, Jr. (@dyerksjr1) September 30, 2017 TY Tony I am using “Canned Responses” and a copy/paste subject. The pasted text in the subject line… Read More »Teach Students Email Skills by @dyerksjr1

google slides pear deck add on

Google Slides and Pear Deck

Pear Deck + New Google Slides Add-ons guest blog post by Stacey Roshan See below to fill out a Google Form to win one of 5 premium accounts for Pear Deck. Deadline is 10/11.   Pear Deck Think of a classroom where the teacher starts each class with a PowerPoint or Google Slides presentation. You might be picturing a teacher-directed, sit-and-get type… Read More »Google Slides and Pear Deck

Table Talk Math Placemats

Bring Deeper Conversations to the Table

Bring Deeper Conversations to the Table Guest Blog Post by John Stevens Table Talk Math Placements will be donating all proceeds to benefit the relief efforts in Puerto Rico. The placemats are erasable and reusable. How are you using the Table Talk Math Placemats that just got released? I’d love to hear from you! Pictures and messages have been coming in all… Read More »Bring Deeper Conversations to the Table

reboot ntchat new teacher chat

New Teacher Chat is BACK #ntchat

Using Flipgrid to Engage with New Teachers Guest Blog Post by Lisa Dabbs originally posted at lisadabbs.com Teaching is hard. As a former school principal, working 19 years in the field I saw the struggle first hand that my new teachers experienced. As prepared as they were, with classroom pedagogy and strategies, it wasn’t enough. There was always another challenge… Read More »New Teacher Chat is BACK #ntchat

3 Alternatives to AR (Accelerated Reader) by @shfarnsworth

3 Alternatives to Accelerated Reader (AR) Guest Blog Post by Shaelynn Farnsworth Accelerated Reader, Reading Counts, and any other program which substitutes students’ intrinsic motivation to read and replaces it with an extrinsic, point-rewarding system is wrong and is not what’s best for kids. While Research supports an increase in page numbers read through the use of points & rewards;… Read More »3 Alternatives to AR (Accelerated Reader) by @shfarnsworth