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Puzzles for the Puzzled: Children of the World

Everyone matters. We each make an impact on this world.
Working together makes our task feel less difficult as we work for the same goal.
And if we do our jobs well, we will be together to pick up the pieces when it’s over.

5 reasons to have oer shaelynn farnsworth

5 Reasons to have OER and Open Up Resources on Your Radar

Have OER and Open Up Resources on Your Radar Guest Blog post by Shaelynn Farnsworth OER or Open Education Resources has been around for over 20 years. Previously, OER was more prominent in higher-ed, but awareness of OER continues to grow across the nation in PreK-12 settings. It was during an EdCamp four years ago when I first learned of… Read More »5 Reasons to have OER and Open Up Resources on Your Radar

The Key to Close Reading

The Key to Close Reading

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A Guest Post by Barton Keeler I am not an expert in close reading but have tried a variety of methods and approaches.  What I discovered is that when I have a great essential question everything goes well – kids are engaged, they’re diving deep and thinking creatively.  In fact, if my question is good enough I don’t need much… Read More »The Key to Close Reading

Avery Sticker Labels

Bitmoji Stickers for the Win!

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Make Your Own Stickers A Guest Post by Sonya Schkabla With only a few minutes and some sticker labels, you can create stickers to share with your students featuring your own Bitmoji. Order Labels The first step is to get your labels. I used Avery 22805 sticker paper labels. They are 1.5 inch squares and come 24 to a sheet.… Read More »Bitmoji Stickers for the Win!

Teachers New Year Resolutions

Top 5 Resolutions for Teachers in 2019

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5 New Year’s Resolutions for Teachers A Guest Post by Erin Whalen At this time of year, resolutions are a topic of conversation almost everywhere you go. Here are five recommendations of worthwhile resolutions for teachers. Whether you choose one or choose them all, be realistic and take on a goal or goals that you can commit to and stick… Read More »Top 5 Resolutions for Teachers in 2019

Spicy holiday recipe

Put a Little Spice in Your Holidays

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Spice It Up for the Holidays! A Guest Post by Marcia Carrillo I’m talking about roasted jalapenos and tomatoes blended into a delicious, homemade chili sauce, simmering with chicken and served with rice and beans. That’s what’s I made for the Keeler family for dinner. Alice Keeler often mentions in her workshops that “…homework is NOT more important than family dinner…”.Of… Read More »Put a Little Spice in Your Holidays

Doodling Culture

5 Ways to Create a Doodling Culture in Your Classroom by @sylviaduckworth

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Doodling as Visual Note-Taking A Guest Post by Sylvia Duckworth Sketchnoting, or visual note-taking, has so many benefits for students. Many studies have proven that images are considerably more effective than words when it comes to memory retention, comprehension and motivation. There are psychological benefits as well, because sketchnoting has a calming effect similar to meditation and listening to soothing… Read More »5 Ways to Create a Doodling Culture in Your Classroom by @sylviaduckworth

Ditch that Quiz Pear Deck

Ditch That Quiz with Pear Deck by @mo_physics

Ditch That Quiz with Pear Deck Guest Blog post by Mike Mohammad In their book, Ditch That Homework, Alice Keeler and Matt Miller call for a shift in what work in the classroom looks like in order to eliminate the need for students to do the traditional homework that leaves students spending hours mindlessly practicing rote skills or clueless as… Read More »Ditch That Quiz with Pear Deck by @mo_physics

Graphic Design in Google Slides by @jentechnology

Helping Students Improve Their Graphic Design Skills A Guest Blog Post by Jennifer Scott Students can create in Google Slides, but this does not mean the presentation looks good. All too often the presentation has too much writing, the content looks randomly placed, and the colors and fonts choices make the text hard to read. Still, we smile with pride… Read More »Graphic Design in Google Slides by @jentechnology