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Author @MelSideB Shows How Visual Medium Increases Student Engagement!

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Not all students best express their knowledge of a concept through writing or best learn a concept through strictly reading about it. Some students like to demonstrate their learning through pictures, some through demonstration, and others still through writing. All students are more engaged if you tie the learning to a real world problem, something that applies directly to them.

Melody McAllister Asking Questions in Google Classroom

Asking Questions in Google Classroom by @mjmcalliwrites

Guest post by Melody McAllister Many times when we ask our students questions, we encounter a problem: the same students answer and the same students stay quiet.  Unfortunately, we often end up calling on those same students because of timing issues, under evaluation and we need to prove that mastery is happening, or we don’t even realize we just called… Read More »Asking Questions in Google Classroom by @mjmcalliwrites