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Going Gradeless with @mssackstein

Guest blog post by Starr Sackstein Start of School Series: Hacking Assessment Q & As – Shifting the Grading Mindset On this week’s Q & A, Isaac Wells and I discuss shifting the grading mindset. Defining this concept and how the grading mindset has come to shape students and teachers in our system. As we change the way we think… Read More »Going Gradeless with @mssackstein

Sharing Rubrics in Teams and Classroom

Sharing Rubrics in Google Classroom or Microsoft Teams

Google Classroom and Microsoft Teams allows you to add a rubric to an assignment. You can also share your rubrics with other teachers. Google Classroom Create an assignment in Google Classroom with a rubric. Locate the assignment on the Stream. Click on the stripe to expand the preview of the assignment. FROM THE PREVIEW find the rubric indicator and click… Read More »Sharing Rubrics in Google Classroom or Microsoft Teams

You wasted your time giving feedback

Giving Feedback Wastes Your Time

Do You Waste Your Time Giving Feedback? Feedback is effective for learning. Vygotsky’s Zone of Proximal Development basically says you can only get yourself so far and you need someone to push you further. This is what we do as teachers, we help kids get further. This means we can not just accept their initial response or attempt. We need… Read More »Giving Feedback Wastes Your Time

The First 2 Weeks by @tguskey

Help EVERY Child to Find Success I am a big Thomas Guskey fan. I first came across his research while a doctoral student (I dropped out.) My research focus was on “How can we make the gradebook more like World of Warcraft?” In my research on grading practices I frequently came across and cited Guskey. The Importance of the First… Read More »The First 2 Weeks by @tguskey

Ditch that Quiz Pear Deck

Ditch That Quiz with Pear Deck by @mo_physics

Ditch That Quiz with Pear Deck Guest Blog post by Mike Mohammad In their book, Ditch That Homework, Alice Keeler and Matt Miller call for a shift in what work in the classroom looks like in order to eliminate the need for students to do the traditional homework that leaves students spending hours mindlessly practicing rote skills or clueless as… Read More »Ditch That Quiz with Pear Deck by @mo_physics

Who reads your feedback_

Who Read Your Feedback?

Make Feedback Actionable You stayed up all night writing feedback comments on a kids paper. You’re an awesome teacher and a good human being BUT …. did you waste your time? Why did you leave feedback? I assume the reason is to improve learning. If not, why? If students do not read your comments, captain obvious says they didn’t learn… Read More »Who Read Your Feedback?

thomas guskey grading is not essential to the learning process

Grading is NOT Essential to the Instructional Process @tguskey

Rethink Your Paradigms About Grading I’m a fan of Thomas Guskey, I recommend you check out his books and other resources. I saw this tweet from a presentation he was giving on the July 24th, 2018 and I think it is worth reflecting on. Grading is NOT essential to the instructional process! @tguskey #masterylearning I’ve read extensive research around assignment… Read More »Grading is NOT Essential to the Instructional Process @tguskey