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Alice Keeler

Go Slow Workshop Subscription

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Go Slow Workshops

Go Slow workshops are ONLINE! They are 6 weeks instead of 6 hours straight of professional development. The idea is to each week practice an idea and then try it out with your students. Report back and get direct advice from Alice Keeler. Activities should take you about an hour a week. This does not include the time you spend with your students. Available workshops are listed at alicekeeler.com/goslow

Go Slow Subscription

Subscriptions are available to allow you unlimited access to any current Go Slow Workshop. There are typically 2-3 workshops running concurrently at any given time. A subscription provides you access to the join codes for any workshops that are offered for the year.


Please visit https://alicekeeler.com/goslow for subscription options. 

If you already subscribed and would like to unsubscribe please use the button below.


Alice Keeler - Paperless Is Not a Pedagogy

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