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Sharing Elementary Music

How To Share Elementary Videos?

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Google Classroom to Share Privately I was asked this question Looking for a suggestion… A music teacher wants for all our elementary music teachers to be able to video 30-60 seconds of a class and for the rest of the department to view the videos… Not for public, but for idea sharing within the department… Any suggestions for a place… Read More »How To Share Elementary Videos?

Google Classroom: Copy Link

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Link to an Assignment in Google Classroom While students are able to find their assignments organized on the Classwork page there is sometimes a need to direct students to a particular assignment. 3 Dots Use the 3 dots on the assignment stripe on the Classwork page to “Copy link.” This copies the link to directly access the assignment. Challenge Game… Read More »Google Classroom: Copy Link

Google Classroom Swith OUT of Suggesting Mode

Google Classroom: Exit Suggestion Mode

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Switch From Suggesting Edits to Editing In Google Classroom, if you open a student document from Classroom it opens in the Feedback tool. For Google text documents, this defaults to suggestion mode. This means that if you type on a student’s Google text document that it is added as a suggestion the student has to approve in the generated comment.… Read More »Google Classroom: Exit Suggestion Mode

CAUTION: Copying Google Classroom Makes a Giant Mess of Your Google Drive

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Copying Google Classroom Classes Copies All Attachments First, a paradigm shift about Google Classroom: There are NO ATTACHMENTS! Nothing is attached. Everything is a link to Google Drive. When you “Copy attachments” you are actually copying items in your Drive and now you have confusing duplicates. Do Not Copy Class On the class tiles page you can click on the… Read More »CAUTION: Copying Google Classroom Makes a Giant Mess of Your Google Drive

schedule feedback from google classroom by alice keeler

Google Classroom: Remind Yourself to Give Feedback

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Use Google Calendar to Set Google Classroom Reminders One of the paradigm shifts for using Google Classroom over more traditional methods is the ability to engage in a feedback loop. It is hard to collect, put feedback, ask for responses to the feedback, and recollect the assignment when it is paper. Not so hard with Google Classroom. Give Feedback For… Read More »Google Classroom: Remind Yourself to Give Feedback

Drive20 by Alice Keeler is back

Drive 20 is BACK

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Use Drive20 to Open 20 Google Docs All at Once What is good and bad about Google is they are always making changes. I like to think it keeps your brain young. Awhile back Google updated Google Drive and this caused the Drive20 Chrome extension to break. I am happy to announce it is BACK! Drive 20 Chrome Extension Click… Read More »Drive 20 is BACK

Delete Google Classroom Classes by Alice Keeler

DELETE Google Classroom Classes

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Delete Old Google Classroom Classes Before you delete old Google Classroom classes remember you can reuse assignments from old classes. One trick I do is have a class with no students; Assignment Repository. When I am assigning to my class and it’s an assignment I want to reuse for sure… I ALSO assign it to my assignment repository class so… Read More »DELETE Google Classroom Classes

10 Easter Eggs in G Suite

10 G Suite Easter Eggs

10 Hidden Features of G Suite Not everything can be found in a menu. Here are 10 features of G Suite that you have to know to use. 1) Google Sites In Google Sites double click to reveal a wheel to insert content. Try making a Google Site by going to http://sites.new. 2) Force a Copy When I share my… Read More »10 G Suite Easter Eggs

View More in Google Classroom

View More in Google Classroom

Additional Assignments are Under View More Assignments in Google Classroom can be located on the Classwork page. The Classwork page is designed to be organized by topic. When creating an assignment, choose the topic the assignment will appear under. Maximum Number of Assignments Under each topic there is a maximum number of assignments that can be visible. If the number… Read More »View More in Google Classroom

DIRECTIONS: Unlink Document in Google Classroom

Have Students Unlink Their Documents Paradigm shift, NOTHING in Google Classroom is attached. It is actually linked from Google Drive. This is an important thing to understand as a Google Classroom user. Instant Access One of the genius reasons to use Google Classroom is that the teacher has instant access to student work before the student even starts to work… Read More »DIRECTIONS: Unlink Document in Google Classroom

Link a slide to google classroom

Collaborate and Paste Into the Private Comments

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Paste Link to Collaborative Google Slides in the Private Comments One of my favorite activities is to have ONE Google Slides that all students contribute to. Feedback can be immediate, peer feedback is a snap, and we can take advantage of social learning theory. Additionally, that is fewer documents to open, making a teachers work easier. Students can work together… Read More »Collaborate and Paste Into the Private Comments