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5 Google Search tips

5 Google Search Tips

5 Google Search Tips We all search, here are 5 tips for using Google Search. 1) Know the Menu After doing a search options for filtering the search are offered. By default “All” types of results are shown. Consider clicking on “News” to filter down to news stories about the topic. Click on “More” to filter the search to Maps,… Read More »5 Google Search Tips

5 Things to Ask Google

The Google App on your mobile device or even the Chrome browser allows you to simply ASK your question. You will frequently catch me during class grabbing my phone and saying “OK Google” into the app. In the Chrome browser click on the microphone icon on the Google search page. Here are 5 things you can try asking Google. Set… Read More »5 Things to Ask Google

Math Teachers: Ask Google

Technology transforms what is possible. I have never learned the algorithm to calculate the square root (I turn 39 this week.) My friends who taught in the math department with me who were older knew how to do it; this was part of the curriculum when they went to school. Calculators made the algorithm of calculating the square root to be… Read More »Math Teachers: Ask Google

6 Steps to Teaching Students to Search

Please feel free to use this resource with students or in teacher trainings. Please do not republish to your blog. Link to Google Drawing: https://goo.gl/LlCgQ5 New Literacy The new literacy is to teach students how to search. Rather than giving students answers, we ask really good questions. Students then use advanced search techniques to find the answers. Most important is then…… Read More »6 Steps to Teaching Students to Search

Be a Search Ninja – Use Minus

One trick for doing a web search is to EXCLUDE terms by using a minus sign in front of the keyword. I am currently trying to do a search for the human population numbers in the circumpolar regions. Sample Search I start my search with circumpolar population However, I notice that I am getting several articles on the populations of… Read More »Be a Search Ninja – Use Minus

Use Quotations in Your Search

When performing a search try using quotations around your keywords. This ensures that your keywords are placed next to each other in the text. I typed Alice Keeler into a Google News search. The first two articles were about me. However all the rest of the results were NOT about me. The word Alice and the word Keeler were somewhere… Read More »Use Quotations in Your Search

Finding Data for Students to Research and Analyze

In any subject area students can use data to support their claims. Even ELA standards ask for students to reason quantitatively (with numbers). Finding data can be tricky. Google provides a search filter that only returns websites that contain data. Getting into the habit of having students regularly locate and analyze data is an excellent way to start getting students… Read More »Finding Data for Students to Research and Analyze