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Getting Started on Google Plus by @davidtedu

David Theriault, Google Certified Teacher, created a presentation on how to get started with Google Plus. He generously is allowing me to post this to my blog. Click Here to link to the presentation. You can follow David Twitter: @davidtEDU Google Plus: gplus.to/davidtedu And his blog: thereadinessisall.com  

Google Plus: Insert a Video for Students

One of my favorite things I do with my students is have them participate in a private Google Plus Community. The capturing of the informal learning is invaluable. This is where students “lean over” and ask their neighbor “Did you understand what the directions were?” or “I found this great resource that reminded me of what we talked about in… Read More »Google Plus: Insert a Video for Students

Formatting Text in Google Plus

  I love Google Plus Communities. I use them with my students to help build community and share announcements. Since I am making announcements to my class it can be helpful to emphasize certain words or phrases.   *BOLD* Put asterisks around the word or phrase you want to have bolded. Make sure there is no space between the asterisk… Read More »Formatting Text in Google Plus