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Use Hashtags in Google Keep

Google Keep is a tool I use every day. Think digital sticky notes… But Google style, so they are collaborative and work with Docs and Slides. Hashtags are Labels Using hashtags in a Google Keep note helps you to search for things you want to get back to. Using a hashtag in a Keep note automatically labels it in a… Read More »Use Hashtags in Google Keep

Today You will KEEP


Google Keep is Amazing What note keeping app let’s you access from any device anywhere? GOOGLE KEEP! Don’t be stuck with notes on your phone! Essentially Google Keep is like digital Post It Notes, but GOOGLEY! So that means that searching notes and collaboration kicks it up a notch. Color Code Your Notes You can search by color. When creating… Read More »TODAY You Will KEEP

Sketch with Google Keep

Google Keep: Sketch a Note

Use the Drawing Feature in Google Keep Google Keep is a quick note taking app with some amazing features. One of my favorite Google Keep features is the ability to take a picture of something with text on it and extracting the text out of the picture. keep.google.com Draw a Note If you need to make a quick sketch, Google… Read More »Google Keep: Sketch a Note

5 Google Keep Features

5 Features of Google Keep

5 Features of Google Keep Google Keep is like digital Post-it notes but better! I highly recommend you switch from the notes app on your phone to using Google Keep. Because Keep is by Google you can access your notes easily on almost any device. Use the Google Keep app on your mobile device and then find the notes on… Read More »5 Features of Google Keep

paper list to slides

Paper List to Slides

Paper List to Slides I was given… No joke… A 7 page packet of papers with short phrases on it. Carrying around a packet of paper is not something that is going to work for me… So how do I get this into Google Slides? Google Keep My first step to getting paper into a useable digital format is Google… Read More »Paper List to Slides

Google Keep Lit Circles

Google Keep: Lit Circles

Google Keep- Love at First Sight Guest Blog post by Rayna Freedman (@rlfreedm) Digital PostIts I fell in love with Google Keep at first sight. Once I saw the color-coded notes, reminders, labels (think hashtags), and image upload capability my head began swirling with possibilities for my 5th-grade students. What a great tool to help students organize their assignments or… Read More »Google Keep: Lit Circles

Google Keep Chrome Extension

Google Keep Chrome Extension

Google Keep Google Keep allows you to keep track of ideas and take short notes. I use the app on my phone daily to capture my brainstorms and to jot down quick notes. I can access those notes easily from any browser at keep.google.com. Google Keep recently updated the app and added a Chrome extension. Google Keep Chrome Extension Adding the… Read More »Google Keep Chrome Extension