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Automate – Share Calendar Events With Yourself

Recently I started a new part time job at http://schoolytics.com I’m super excited about the new job, but this means having multiple Google Calendars to check and make sure I’m in the right place. I have coded a way to automate my Calendar events to auto add myself. See below to grab the script. Google Apps ScriptYou can code Google Docs, Sheets, Slides,… Read More »Automate – Share Calendar Events With Yourself

schedule feedback from google classroom by alice keeler

Google Classroom: Remind Yourself to Give Feedback

Use Google Calendar to Set Google Classroom Reminders One of the paradigm shifts for using Google Classroom over more traditional methods is the ability to engage in a feedback loop. It is hard to collect, put feedback, ask for responses to the feedback, and recollect the assignment when it is paper. Not so hard with Google Classroom. Give Feedback For… Read More »Google Classroom: Remind Yourself to Give Feedback

create new calendar

Create a Special Calendar

Create Additional Google Calendars Did you know Google Calendar supports being able to have multiple layered calendars in one? This can be helpful for allowing you to set up a calendar for special reasons without cluttering up your calendar. For example, I set up a Google Calendar just for school field trip and events. Yes, these can go on the… Read More »Create a Special Calendar

Google Hangout from Google Calendar

Google Hangout from Google Calendar When trying to connect with people on a Google Hangout video chat I find the easiest way to do that is to use Google Calendar. Google Calendar Event Go to calendar.google.com and create a calendar event by clicking on the day and time you wish to create the Google Hangout video meeting. Click on “Edit… Read More »Google Hangout from Google Calendar