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Try a Minecraft Theme

Sometimes choosing a theme for a unit can help students get into their learning. I suggest trying a Minecraft theme. Even if you do not have Minecraft or MinecraftEDU for your classroom you can still create Minecraft themed activities. You could theme a math unit around the Minecraft blocks or ask students to do fictional writing using a character in… Read More »Try a Minecraft Theme

Badges and Intrinsic Motivation

Gamification and badges are something we see in many settings outside of school. Essentially a badge is micro certificate to visibly recognize accomplishment of something. In the classroom, badges can be used to recognize students mastering content, to reinforce classroom behaviors such as timeliness and homework completion, and for encouraging students to extend themselves beyond minimum requirements. Extrinsic or Intrinsic Gamification… Read More »Badges and Intrinsic Motivation

GameSalad – Creating Video Games Without Coding

Last week many classrooms are participating in the hour of code. Even Kindergarten teachers are doing the hour of code! Exposing students to programming provides them not only with a valuable skill but enhances their critical thinking skills. There are many ways you can get your students started with programming.  For younger students check out the hopscotch app for iOS. Scratch… Read More »GameSalad – Creating Video Games Without Coding

Gamification: Creating a Level Up for Your Students

If you have thought about adding an element of gamification to your classroom, having students level up might be fun to do. How do you do this….. The answer is always a spreadsheet 🙂 Create a Spreadsheet In Google Drive (http://drive.google.com) create a new Google Sheets. New Tab In the bottom left of Google Sheets is a plus icon to… Read More »Gamification: Creating a Level Up for Your Students

Second Life in Education

  Second Life is a 3D virtual space where each player has an avatar that has the ability to explore the world. Second Life is free to use, although you are able to purchase virtual items within the space. Second Life is a tool that could be utilized in the classroom. A caution is the required bandwidth and computer processing power. Second… Read More »Second Life in Education

Using Google Classroom to Differentiate Assignments

What is nice about a digital environment is the ability to differentiate. Google Classroom allows you to build a set of resources for a single assignment. This makes it possible to offer students choices as to how they access the information or how the student would like to address the assignment. Learning Outcomes. Rather than focusing on the directions for… Read More »Using Google Classroom to Differentiate Assignments

Beyond the Worksheet: Playsheets, GBL, and Gamification

Image Credit: Quia This article was originally published on Edutopia on June 4th, 2014 Game-based learning (GBL) and gamification are hot topics in education. These terms are often used interchangeably, but they actually describe different phenomena. GBL is when students play games to learn content. Gamification is the application of game based elements to non-game situations. Playing games can give… Read More »Beyond the Worksheet: Playsheets, GBL, and Gamification

Summer Workshop on Integrating Games in the K12 Classroom

If you are curious about Game Based Learning and Gamification in Education I invite you to join me for the Serious Play Conference which is at USC in Southern California this year. July 22nd – 24th. The day before the conference are some dive deeper all day workshops. One of the workshops focuses on integrating games in the K-12 classroom.… Read More »Summer Workshop on Integrating Games in the K12 Classroom