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Slides Dice

Roll Dice in Google Slides

Roll Dice in Google Slides One of my favorite sayings is “I don’t use Google Slides to give information, I use it to GET information.” Using Google Slides to make a presentation is probably the least likely thing I do with Google Slides. It’s an awesome collaboration space! While using Google Slides in edit mode rather than presentation mode your… Read More »Roll Dice in Google Slides

Competition To-Do list

Gamification To-Do List Level Up Challenge

Gamification To-Do List If you have ever had your students play Kahoot you know that the power of gamification is undeniable. Gamification adds gaming elements to a non gaming situation. A little competition in a to-do list can really help motivate you to get your stuff done. To-Do Gamification Template I created a Google Sheets spreadsheet to allow students to compete against… Read More »Gamification To-Do List Level Up Challenge

Game Based Learning: Google Slides Coordinate Plane Battleship

Google Slides is an awesome tool for creating activity spaces. One of my favorite things about Google Slides is the ability to transform it from being a presentation tool to a collaboration or work space. One use for Google Slides is to create a game environment. Games can provide a context for a students learning, or simply be a fun… Read More »Game Based Learning: Google Slides Coordinate Plane Battleship

#HourOfCode: #Minecraft meets Code.org

Are you ready for the #HourOfCode? Guest Blogger Steve Isaacs December 7–13 marks the 7th annual Computer Science Education week and the 3rd annual #HourOfCode Challenge spearheaded by Code.org. Code.org takes an approach to teaching coding by using iconic characters and the block.ly block based coding language to teach computer science concepts in a way that is concrete and easy… Read More »#HourOfCode: #Minecraft meets Code.org

Teaching Nobody

  As a high school math teacher I have a wide variety of abilities in my class. When teaching a lesson inevitably the material is going to be too easy for some of my students and too hard for others. If I start a lesson with the basics to introduce the concept I am boring my higher end students. As… Read More »Teaching Nobody

Progress Bar in Google Sheets: Minecraft Example

First let me thank Lucas Gillespie for creating the Minecraft Challenge and sharing it under a Creative Commons license. If you’re not familiar with Lucas’ work in Game Based Learning I highly encourage you to check out his website: http://edurealms.com/ Lucas shared the Minecraft Challenge with me as a Google Doc. It is a list of quests for things to do… Read More »Progress Bar in Google Sheets: Minecraft Example

Getting Started with Gamification Tip: Make it Sustainable

If you want to get started using Gamification in the classroom there are so many things you can try. Giving students choice, using badges to recognize student accomplishments, providing a narrative or theme to assignments and units are a few ways to get started. Start Small It is easy to get overwhelmed. Whatever you do you need to make sure… Read More »Getting Started with Gamification Tip: Make it Sustainable

Gamification of the Classroom

These are the slides, resources and notes for my presentation at BETT 2015 in London on “Gamification of the Classroom” Click Here to link to my slides. Click Here to level up your gamification of the classroom Click Here for a sample XP list Click Here for a sample quest list. Click Here for a level up to do list. Click Here for… Read More »Gamification of the Classroom