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Using Pre Made Lessons for Minecraft: Education Edition on the Chromebook

Use Pre-Made Lessons from Minecraft: Education Edition education.minecraft.net/class-resources/lessons Search the education.minecraft.net website for pre-made lessons to do with your students. Download the world and add as an attachment to a Google Classroom assignment. Students will download the world to their Chromebook. Students will need a Microsoft account and the school will need to provide licences for Minecraft: Education Edition for… Read More »Using Pre Made Lessons for Minecraft: Education Edition on the Chromebook

Chromebook Guide for Teaching with Minecraft: Education Edition

This Fall I will be teaching high school Geometry on Chromebooks with Minecraft. I am very excited! I have created a guide (in Google Slides) for teaching with Minecraft: Education Edition on the Chromebook. Minecraft: Education Edition allows me to engage students and provide a context for what they are learning. This is the perfect tool no matter what subject… Read More »Chromebook Guide for Teaching with Minecraft: Education Edition

Chromebook Users the Time is Now


NOW – School IT departments need to get set up with free M365 accounts and prepare for how to use Minecraft: Education Edition in the fall. Play Minecraft: Education Edition on a Chromebook On @playcraftlearn Twitter handle an invite to beta test Minecraft: Education Edition on Chromebooks was posted. I logged into my Chromebook, went to the Play Store and… Read More »CHROMEBOOK USERS – The Time is Now

Why O365 Immersive Reader

Why O365… Because Immersive Reader

Immersive Reader Helps Our Struggling Students Google has awesome tools. Microsoft has awesome tools. Both are free. Why not set up both accounts to take advantage of the best innovation to help our students. Right now, Immersive Reader is a big deal for helping our students. Immersive Reader is a free tool that uses proven techniques to improve reading for… Read More »Why O365… Because Immersive Reader

Start teaching with Minecraft

Teach Better, Play Minecraft… Badly

Start Playing Minecraft Minecraft is a virtual world that can be used for collaboration and building. This is an excellent tool for students to demonstrate their learning. Important: You do NOT need to know how to play Minecraft to teach with Minecraft. – Steve Isaacs. Allow Students to Use Minecraft Easiest way to start teaching with Minecraft is to just… Read More »Teach Better, Play Minecraft… Badly

Play Like a Pirate

Make your Classroom FUN Again!

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Play Like a Pirate by Quinn Rollins Reviewed by Erin Whalen In this 2016 book from Dave Burgess Consulting, Inc., author Quinn Rollins takes us on a journey of bringing fun back into our classrooms through play. Each of the three sections, Toys, Games, and Superheroes, Graphic Novels, & Comic Strips, reminds us of the importance of play and how… Read More »Make your Classroom FUN Again!

#HourOfCode: #Minecraft meets Code.org

Are you ready for the #HourOfCode? Guest Blogger Steve Isaacs December 7–13 marks the 7th annual Computer Science Education week and the 3rd annual #HourOfCode Challenge spearheaded by Code.org. Code.org takes an approach to teaching coding by using iconic characters and the block.ly block based coding language to teach computer science concepts in a way that is concrete and easy… Read More »#HourOfCode: #Minecraft meets Code.org

Progress Bar in Google Sheets: Minecraft Example

First let me thank Lucas Gillespie for creating the Minecraft Challenge and sharing it under a Creative Commons license. If you’re not familiar with Lucas’ work in Game Based Learning I highly encourage you to check out his website: http://edurealms.com/ Lucas shared the Minecraft Challenge with me as a Google Doc. It is a list of quests for things to do… Read More »Progress Bar in Google Sheets: Minecraft Example