Jamestown Bitmoji Project with @MatthewFarber

Creative Project Ideas with Matthew Farber Matthew Farber (author of “Gamify Your Classroom”) shared with me a project his student did using Bitmoji’s to represent the story of Jamestown. This project hits many of the things I value: Integrates...

Google Classroom and Newsela

Bring Current Events to Your Students with Newsela Newsela brings current events into your classroom. Newsela takes current news articles and changes the readability based on lexile level. New articles are provided daily at 5 different reading levels. Students can...

EdTech Tool List

If you want some ideas for EdTech tools that teachers are using here is a list of tools you might want to try. The list is crowdsourced so if you have a favorite tool please add it to the list. If you have ideas for how to use a tool please add in teaching ideas. Add...

Video Tips I learned from Lynda.com

I had a nerdy moment at #SXSWedu this week. Walking to the Edutopia meetup I asked directions from a woman near me. Turns out we were going to the same event. After a little chatter she reveals she is THE Lynda from Lynda.com. I had to get a picture with her. Lynda If...

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