Webinar Archive – Creating Short Instructional Videos

October 13th at 530 PST Myself, Lisa Ceja, and Elise Legaspi are going to talk about making short instructional videos. Link to events page Video With blended learning and flipped classrooms teachers are creating videos for their students to watch. I am a perpetual...

30 Second Videos for Your Students

Personally, I cringe when I hear a teacher mention they are making videos for their students. I absolutely advocate for teachers to create videos. However, regardless of the medium, student engagement matters. Too often I see 10-20 minute videos for students to watch....

Video Directions – Provide Text Also

I am going to be honest; it drives me crazy when I want to look up how to do something and I have to watch a video in order to find the information I need. Videos talk slower than I can read. I can not skim a video. Too many times I watch a video only to find out it...

Online Workshop

Online Go Slow Workshop
*Jan 7: Google Classroom Tips and Tricks
*Jan 14: Intro to Google Forms

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