Blek Game – Learn by Failure

Recently I downloaded the Blek game onto my iOS device (android is coming). I have really enjoyed playing this game due to it’s unique gameplay. The objective is to draw a pattern with an ink line and to hit all of the colored dots. The pattern you draw loops...

iPad Keyboard Tips

Keyboard Tips for the iPad Split the Keyboard Split the Keyboard by placing your thumbs in the middle of the on screen keyboard and pulling your thumbs toward the edge of the iPad. You are making contact with the iPad the whole time. You can move the keyboard up and...

Using the Kindle App

  I have found that it is cheaper to purchase books through the Kindle bookstore rather than iBooks. I also have multiple devices including a Nexus 10 tablet and a Nexus 7 tablet. By purchasing books on Kindle I can access the books on my iPad, Nexus devices and...

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