Android: On Tap to Take a Screenshot

If you have an Android device you may have the feature “On Tap” available to you. Hold down the home button to activate On Tap. Google reads the information displayed on the screen and provides you options for more information. You can do this in any app....

My Tablet Charging Station: Aleratec

I have been using the Aleratec charging station for almost a year. This has been a great tool for charging all of my devices. What is nice is that it is a small box that can be placed anywhere. I love how non bulky the Aleratec is yet still incredibly...

Set Up an iPad Without a Credit Card

At a math conference where the teachers were handed iPads, one teacher did not want to set up her iPad with a Credit Card. It seemed that we have to enter either a credit card number or put in a gift card. However, she did not want to do either. Thank you to @techcoor...

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