Stop Copying and Pasting Messages on Facebook

Educate Yourself and Don’t Share Fake News Recently, Lisa Nielson shared a public service announcement on Facebook. She asked that you not share, or repost, information that you have not verified as being true and/or information that is not from a verified...

5 EdTech Tools to Try

The tool does not increase student engagement or increase student learning. How the teacher uses the tool and designs the learning environment makes the difference. Try something new with these 5 tools!! 1) Bloomz App: A parent communication tool. Install this app on...

Download a QR reader

What is a QR code? Surprisingly many people still are unsure and don’t use them. A July 2011 article said 35% of Americans own a smartphone and I am guessing that after this last Christmas season that number just got significantly higher.  As a high school...

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