Stop Copying and Pasting Messages on Facebook

Educate Yourself and Don’t Share Fake News Recently, Lisa Nielson shared a public service announcement on Facebook. She asked that you not share, or repost, information that you have not verified as being true and/or information that is not from a verified...

Try Versal for Interactive Lessons

Taking a look this week at Versal. Versal is an online platform to create lessons or whole courses. What I like about Versal is the unique way it allows for interactivity, ease of building a course, and how it works with other tools you may be using. Blended Classroom...

Hi… and Other Boring Ways to Start a Video

I have noticed that a lot of instructional videos start out with a “hi” and an introduction to what is going to be discussed. The speed and tone of talking on the videos is not usually how you would talk to someone if they were live in person. Hook With...

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