Quizzes in PowerPoint by @VictoriaTheTech

Guest Post by Victoria Thompson Not too long ago I wrote about adding Forms into PowerPoint, which will now be my go-to method for collecting feedback directly in a PowerPoint presentation. Out of interest, I decided to play around with this feature a bit more to see...

Forms in PowerPoint by @VictoriaTheTech

Guest Post by Victoria Thompson It’s no secret that I love Microsoft Forms. As a former math educator and a current instructional coach, I incorporate Forms into my work on an almost daily basis. I love the math notation that Forms has—including writing equations—and...

Adding Audio to PowerPoint By @VictoriaTheTech

As I mentioned in my last blog, I absolutely love using Screen Recorder in PowerPoint. Before transitioning into my new role as a STEM instructional coach, Screen Recorder was instrumental to my role as a math educator, especially with problem solving. However, there...

Kerning in Microsoft Word by @VictoriaTheTech

Kerning is a simple way to add some design and flair to your documents in Microsoft Word. What is Kerning for fonts? When I tell people about my use of Kerning for fonts in Microsoft Word, the first response I get is: what even is Kerning for fonts? I’m finding that...

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