Clip Up Chart in the Faculty Meeting

A tweet by Jon LeFevre indicated that a clip up chart was put up in a faculty meeting. Turns out, no surprise, the adults didn’t like it. So why are we doing this to kids? We utilized a clip chart with ADULTS during our training this morning. Turns out that...

Project or PBL via @edutopia

What is the Difference Between a Project and PBL? On Twitter, Edutopia gave an example of the difference between a project and PBL and provided a video. As I struggle to provide my students with authentic PBL projects I gather resources and information on what PBL is...

Doodling Matters – and it Makes a Difference!

How To Sketchnote: A Step-By-Step Manual for Teachers and Students by Sylvia Duckworth Reviewed by Erin Whalen The perfect combination of pedagogy and practice, Sylvia’s new book begins with an overview of why doodling is not just okay, it’s beneficial to...

Textbooks Do Not Update for the News

Design Lessons to Include Current Events This morning a teacher in New York texted me excited about finding a website that uses real data to allow people to track the fire spreading each day. This week I was working with a college student using the math program ALEKS....


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