Hold Down the Control Key on the Internet

When you are using the Internet and want to click on a link, this typically causes you to lose your place. It leaves that webpage and loads another one. Hold Down the Control Key When you hold down the Control key when you click on a link it causes it to open in a new...

Bring a Tab BACK! Google Chrome

In Google Chrome you can use Control W to close a tab or click on the x on the tab (practice the Control W!!!) But what if you accidentally close a tab? Control Shift T Control T creates a new tab and Control Shift T brings BACK a tab. It takes a little bit to get...

Shift Tab…. Go Backwards

Use the Shift Key When Using Tab When filling out a Google Form (or any form) use the TAB key to move between the fields of the form. Use the mouse less! However, what if you need to go back UP the Form? Shift Tab Hold down the Shift key and press the Tab key. This...

Magic Paste!! Control Shift V

Paste Special with Control Shift V When you copy and paste off the internet… it messes up your document. It pastes the formatting from the internet and doesn’t match what you had. Control Shift V for Paste Special Strip Formatting Normally you paste with...

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