Ditch That Quiz with Pear Deck by @mo_physics

Ditch That Quiz with Pear Deck Guest Blog post by Mike Mohammad In their book, Ditch That Homework, Alice Keeler and Matt Miller call for a shift in what work in the classroom looks like in order to eliminate the need for students to do the traditional homework that...

Who Read Your Feedback?

Make Feedback Actionable You stayed up all night writing feedback comments on a kids paper. You’re an awesome teacher and a good human being BUT …. did you waste your time? Why did you leave feedback? I assume the reason is to improve learning. If not,...

Google Classroom: Invisible Feedback

Waste Your Time with Invisible Feedback Feedback is one of the most effective elements for student learning. The best feedback is feedback that is specific, gives students something to respond to and is not only timely but while they are still working on the...

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