Going Gradeless with @mssackstein

Guest blog post by Starr Sackstein Teachers Throwing Out Grades Facebook Group Start of School Series: Hacking Assessment Q & As – Shifting the Grading Mindset Part 1: Shifting the Grading Mindset On this week’s Q & A, Isaac Wells and I discuss...

Giving Feedback Wastes Your Time

Do You Waste Your Time Giving Feedback? Feedback is effective for learning. Vygotsky’s Zone of Proximal Development basically says you can only get yourself so far and you need someone to push you further. This is what we do as teachers, we help kids get...

The First 2 Weeks by @tguskey

Help EVERY Child to Find Success I am a big Thomas Guskey fan. I first came across his research while a doctoral student (I dropped out.) My research focus was on “How can we make the gradebook more like World of Warcraft?” In my research on grading...

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