Embed Video in Microsoft Forms

When using a Microsoft Form you can add a YouTube video or Microsoft Stream video to a question. This allows you to ask the responder to view the video and answer a question about the video. Microsoft Forms Playlist Microsoft Stream Playlist Microsoft Stream is a...

Safely Share YouTube Videos

Add YouTube Videos to Google Slides I was asked how to keep YouTube from showing suggested videos. An easy way to accomplish this is to share a Google Slides with YouTube videos embedded in the slides! Bonus, you can add context and notes to the video. YouTube Locate...

YouTube: Add to Playlist

Add a Video to a YouTube Playlist It would be hard to deny the impact that YouTube has had on our culture. I don’t know about your kids but my 5 kids are constantly learning things from watching YouTube. A video can be an excellent hook for learning. Create...

YouTube Live: Bookmark It

Google Hangouts on Air is being moved to YouTube Live YouTube live allows you to live broadcast to YouTube and have the recording automatically save to YouTube. I really like the features of YouTube live. There is an integrated chat for those watching the video stream...

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