Google Apps: New Toolbar Icons

Toolbar Icons in Google Apps G Suite is always updating and adding new features and upgrading interfaces. I like to say that the essential tech skill for students is “adaptability.” When given a new tech tool do they sit and wait for someone to show them...

9 Google Sites Tips

Use New Google Sites The new Google Sites is so easy to use. I love to use them for tutorials because of how easy it is to integrate multi-media. 1. Double Click This is the magic of Google Sites, no need to drag your mouse over to the side panel,...

Google Sites Header Image Template

Create a Header Image in Google Sites Previously I had posted a template for creating a header image in Google Classroom. Several people asked if I had one for Google Sites. Sites is a bit tricky because it is responsive. The crop of the banner image depends on the...

Ditch the Involuntary Cropping in New Google Sites

Uncrop Your Images in Google Sites If you are using the new Google Sites it is pretty easy to use. I especially like that I can right click to insert content. Previously I blogged 7 Hidden Tricks for Google Sites, here is one more trick. Resize Images When resizing an...

New Google Sites: Match Page Headers

New Google Sites: Match Page Headers When creating pages in the New Google Sites you may want the header image to match. The trick is to have the page you want to match be selected in the side panel when creating a new page. New Google Sites

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