Finding Plagiarism with Google Search

There are many great products to help detect plagiarism in student work, including Grammarly. My first line of defense if I suspect plagiarism is to simply use Google Search. First Results Most of the time, students will use the first couple of results from a Google...

Be a Search Ninja – Use Minus

One trick for doing a web search is to EXCLUDE terms by using a minus sign in front of the keyword. I am currently trying to do a search for the human population numbers in the circumpolar regions. Sample Search I start my search with circumpolar population However, I...

Finding Data for Students to Research and Analyze

In any subject area students can use data to support their claims. Even ELA standards ask for students to reason quantitatively (with numbers). Finding data can be tricky. Google provides a search filter that only returns websites that contain data. Getting into the...

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