3 Google Slides Features

3 Features in Google Slides “I don’t use Slides to give information, I use Slides to GET information.” Google Slides is a great platform for collaboration. 1. Google Slides is Multi-Media This is a big deal! Multi-media increases student engagement,...

Google Slides – Badge Maker

Create Badges in Google Slides I definitely have a coding addiction. For fun I created an Add-on for Google Slides that will make gamification badges for you. Template alicekeeler.com/makebadges This makes is fast and easy to add digital stickers or badges to student...

File -> Email Collaborators

G Suite is About COLLABORATING I love that G Suite is designed first around collaboration. I had a buddy in Ireland I was chatting with the other morning and I told him to make a Google Sites (http://sites.new) and share it with me. I go to Google Drive and click on...

Push a Prompt to Slides

Push to Slides If you would like to assign each student a different prompt or question I have coded an Add-on for Google Slides that will allow you to take a list of prompts, randomize them, and push them to an individual Google Slides per student. Template...

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