Your Google Drive is a Hot Mess

Let’s be honest, we have not from the beginning of our use of Google Drive been diligent about organizing it and now it’s a hot mess! Here are a few steps to help clean it up. Create a Hot Mess Folder Let’s start fresh!!! In your Google Drive create...

MAGICALLY go Remote with Automagical Forms

Many schools are starting remotely in the Fall and this is going to necessitate getting some materials into Google Forms. Google Forms is an amazing way to have students submit their work digitally. You do not have to open up individual PDF’s and hope that the...

Opening a CSV File in Google Drive

Personally, I find myself needing to read a CSV file a lot. What is a CSV file? Basically it’s a spreadsheet that is not a spreadsheet. WHAT??? When you download your roster from your gradebook there is a good chance it downloads as a CSV file. So what do you do...

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