Google Classroom: Writing Assignment Directions

One thing I love about Google Classroom is it’s simplicity. Almost any teacher can be up and running with a blended classroom in 30 minutes. However, Google Classroom is not a learning management system (LMS). You are not able to reuse classes and parents can...

Google Classroom: Add a Co-Teacher

There are many reasons to have more than one teacher assigned to a Google Classroom class. Teachers who teach the same subject or grade level tend to collaborate together. Adding each other as co-teacher in Google Classroom helps to have more consistency amongst...

Google Classroom: Save Student Work

  I have a saying: Technology allows us to do things differently, so we will do things differently. One of the things I love about using Google Docs and Google Classroom is that they allow me rethink accepted norms. Why do we not accept late work? Why do we not...

Introduction to the NEW Google Classroom Online Workshop

Google Classroom is rolling out a new interface. Be ready for Fall, let’s look at the new Google Classroom and how to use Google Classroom.
Starts Monday, July 23rd

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