Tie Dye Your Google Classroom Header

Tie Dye Your Google Classroom Header In Google Drawing and Google Slides you can now customize the gradient to create a “tie dye” effect. Use my Google Drawing template for Google Classroom headers to create a tie dye effect! Note: this does NOT work on...

Google Classroom Video Guide by Alice Keeler

How to Use Google Classroom by Alice Keeler If you are new to Google Classroom or are looking for some things you didn’t know about Google Classroom I got you covered. ViewSonic helped me produce a collection of very short videos to walk you through using Google...

6 Uses for Google Classroom Ask a Question

6 Ways to Ask A Question in Google Classroom One reason I love Google Classroom is how easy it is. If you’ve ever sent an email you have the tech ability to use Google Classroom to make learning better. Tech improves learning when we improve interactions, not...

Google Forms: Link to Next Activity

Use the Confirmation Text in Google Forms What do students do AFTER they complete the Google Form? Take advantage of the confirmation text to direct students what to do next! Settings Cog While editing the Google Form click on the settings cog up at the top. Collect...

Introduction to the NEW Google Classroom Online Workshop

Google Classroom is rolling out a new interface. Be ready for Fall, let’s look at the new Google Classroom and how to use Google Classroom.
Starts Monday, July 23rd

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SALE: $20
Register at alicekeeler.com/goslow