Mute YouTube

Stop YouTube from Autoplaying I love YouTube, You love YouTube, We all love YouTube…. but not the presenter when we fire up YouTube at a PD session. It’s legit! I wanted to look up something the presenter referenced but then the video starts blaring and...

Manage Multiple Google Accounts

Manage Multiple Google Accounts If you are like me, you have more than one Google account. You may have your G Suite account from school plus your personal Gmail account. I was working with a teacher the other day and we were trying to create a TemplateTab. We were...

Google Drive Recent Press N

Use Google Drive to Easily Rename Files I love me a good keyboard shortcut. Once I’ve practiced it enough times it’s muscle memory and my efficiency increases significantly. The keyboard shortcut to rename files in Google Drive is to simply press the...

Online Workshop

Online Go Slow Workshop
*Jan 7: Google Classroom Tips and Tricks
*Jan 14: Intro to Google Forms

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