New Google Calendar: Appointment Slots

Make Appointment Slots in Google Calendar I’m really digging the new layout for Google Calendar. It’s mostly just a new look not a loss of features. So good news, appointment slots are still there for G Suite for Education users. Appointment slots allow...

Google Hangout from Google Calendar

Google Hangout from Google Calendar When trying to connect with people on a Google Hangout video chat I find the easiest way to do that is to use Google Calendar. Google Calendar Event Go to and create a calendar event by clicking on the day and...

5 Things To Explore in Google Calendar

5 Things To Explore in Google Calendar To access Google Calendar go to 1. Appointment Slots If you are a G Suite for Education user you can create appointment slots. Click on any spot in Google Calendar to create an event and click on...

Google Calendar: Add Attachments

Google Calendar is amazing, I won’t try to sell it because you’re probably already using it! One thing I have been recently using and loving is the ability to attach things from Google Drive in Google Calendar. While I do a fairly good job of organizing my...

Introduction to the NEW Google Classroom Online Workshop

Google Classroom is rolling out a new interface. Be ready for Fall, let’s look at the new Google Classroom and how to use Google Classroom.
Starts Monday, July 23rd

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SALE: $20
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