Custom Text with Bitmoji

I am a big fan of adding Bitmoji to all of my digital materials because it allows me to add ME to the materials. This way students feel their teacher is giving the directions rather than just a cold page of text. Bitmoji Chrome Extension If you have not already made a...

10 Fun Activities Using @Buncee by @Rdene915

Guest Post by Rachelle Dene Poth Kickstart the Year with Buncee! We have used Buncee for years in all of my classes and it is a tool that I highly recommend that educators check out. I have been able to provide opportunities for my students to engage in more authentic...

Top 10 Reasons You Need Flocabulary

By Guest Blogger Melody McAllister Flocabulary is a student-centered, teacher-friendly tool that you must have for this next school year! Your students will LOVE it and you will too!  10 Reasons You Need Flocabulary 10. They have songs for every subject and every...

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