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DOK 0: Reflecting on My Lesson Today

DOK, Depth of Knowledge, is the 4 levels of critical thinking. DOK 1 is recall, memorize, follow an algorithm. Honestly, the majority of the math book is simply DOK 1. Here is the rule or formula. Here is an example. Do 30 just like it. That is low critical thinking....

The Key to Close Reading

A Guest Post by Barton Keeler I am not an expert in close reading but have tried a variety of methods and approaches.  What I discovered is that when I have a great essential question everything goes well – kids are engaged, they’re diving deep and thinking...

Who’s Doing the Learning?

Are the Students Learning or Is the Teacher? A Guest Post by Erin Whalen I have had the privilege of hearing Alice speak several times now, and while I have learned a LOT from her, there is one particular phrase that has really made me stop and think about my own...

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