Video Meeting: Get Out of Full Screen

Regardless of the platform you are using for video meetings GET OUT OF FULL SCREEN MODE! Full screen is awesome if you’re just having conversations, but not so awesome if you say “Go to” and visualize a negative number. Now the students...

Live Session Student Whiteboards:

When we are in class and each student has an individual whiteboard so we can ask a question and get a quick formative check on if they are understanding is now digital. These whiteboards do NOT live outside of your live session. Try if you want...

90 Minutes Remote Learning Max a Day

I won’t bury the lead. It is my recommendation that we plan for no more than 90 minutes a day of remote learning. I made this up. You’re making it up. This is not a snow day. This is not online classes. This is not something we planned for. This is...

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