Top 10 #2016eduwish by @jcorippo

Jon’s #2016eduwish for 2016. Guest Blog Post by Jon Corippo It’s a fun list, don’t judge me too harshly. 1. Ship your textbooks to Africa. I’m serious. Word on the street is that the amazing Superintendent at Ballico Cressey School District did just that. Really, this...

The Best Grant Ever: A Grant with No Funding

The Best Grant Ever: A Grant with No Funding  By Guest Blogger Jon Corippo You are probably saying to yourself, Jon, why would I want a grant with no funds? Let me give you a little background as to why I think this is a good idea. Innovation If you think about some...

iPads & Google Classroom – Multi-User Device

  By Jon Corippo iPads in general are not multi-user devices. Using the Google Classroom app an iPad can be shared amongst students. Sign Out The key to using Google Classroom on an iPad with multiple students is teaching the students to make sure they sign out...

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