Look For the Math Around You By @EveryoneCanMath

New Photo Book Series & Guest Post By Alice Aspinall The Look for the Math Around You series, recently published by Code Breaker Inc, features six photo books, each exploring math concepts including Arrays, Estimation, Fractions, Geometry, Math Chats, and...

STRIVE for Happiness in Education by @RobDunlopEDU

Guest Post by Author Robert Dunlop I believe there is nothing more powerful than an educator that loves coming to school each day. That is why I believe happiness in education is so important and that is why I have made it my mission to help educators connect or...

Be REAL with Educator/Author @TaraMartinEDU

Guest Post by Melody McAllister Book Chat with Educator/Author Tara M. Martin Recently, I had the pleasure and honor of sitting down for my Book Chat with Educator/Author Tara M. Martin. I’ve only known Tara for the last year, but it turns out we have a lot in common,...

Take Your AP Scores to “All 4s and 5s”

A Review of the Book All 4s and 5s: A Guide to Teaching and Leading Advanced Placement Programs by Andrew Sharos Reviewed by Erin Whalen Andrew Sharos is a leader in the field of AP programs and shares great insights in his 2018 book, All 4s and 5s. From practical...

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