MacTip: Searching For Files

If you are using your Mac to attach files you may want to filter a search to find the file you are trying to attach. In the window where you can browse for the files you are wanting to attach do a search in the upper right hand corner. After you type in the search...

MacTip: TextEdit

If you are a Mac user you may not be aware that your computer has a basic text editor. I find this handy when the internet is down or if I just want to paste some information somewhere temporarily. Spotlight Search I keep almost no apps in my dock. Instead I use a...

Mac Tip: Use Preview to Sign a PDF

If you are a Mac user the native program to view PDF’s on your computer is “Preview.” If you have even been emailed a PDF to print and sign, Preview allows you to save your signature within the program to sign the document.   Sign a Piece of...

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