3-2-1 Style of Classroom Management

Reflections on Classroom Management I think back to when I was in the classroom and the type of teacher that I was, as well as the teachers who I was surrounded by. Some were extremely strict and wouldn’t even let kids talk in class. Some were what I like to refer to...

10 Fun Activities Using @Buncee by @Rdene915

Guest Post by Rachelle Dene Poth Kickstart the Year with Buncee! We have used Buncee for years in all of my classes and it is a tool that I highly recommend that educators check out. I have been able to provide opportunities for my students to engage in more authentic...

Polyup – A Thinking Playground

A Virtual Mathematical Playground Guest Post by Shaya Zarkesh Polyup is a computational thinking playground. Students from elementary through high school can play with puzzles involving numbers and functions. In a drag-and-drop, expression-building environment,...

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