Google Drive: Shared With Me is a Filter

Shared With Me is Not a Folder When I go to Google Drive I am quick to click on 2 things. Recent and Shared With Me. Neither of these is a folder. You can not organize them. They are quick access to the files you might be looking for. Collaboration G Suite is designed...

Go Slow: Spreadsheet Workshop

Join my Go Slow Online Workshop for Google Sheets Spreadsheets are fun and very useful! As teachers, just the need to check things off on a roster is huge! The Go Slow workshop is 6 weeks and takes place in Google Classroom. It should take...

Google Docs: Press Enter a Whole Bunch of Times

Press Enter in a Google Doc I am always collaborating, even if I am collaborating with myself. My habit when I start a Google text document is to press enter repeatedly. This provides me room to collaborate without fighting for the same cursor space. It’s muscle...

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